Your mind starts spinning with logic and fear

You feel yourself slipping, insanity near

Conflicting emotions are now in your path

You know your irrational but how long will it last.

You try to understand this pain that you feel

Your mind tells you something but in your heart it’s not real.

You reaction is first to just stop the pain.

You get control for a moment but start slipping again.

This could last for an hour or a few days or so.

What happens when it is over for sure you don’t know.

Now you are in your right mind hysteria’s past

You understand the confusion your sanity’s back

You look around feeling embarrassed and shamed

Are your friends still your friends will they let you explain.

Will they feel the real you had finally came out

Did you lose their respect is your friendship in doubt.

Can they really understand what just happened to you?

Will they remember the time when they were there too?

Have they ever felt confusion or been riddled with pain?

Will they remember a time when they too felt insane?

Though this feeling is fleeting it can change your life

You can lose a husband or boyfriend a girlfriend or wife.

If this occurs and you lose your best friend

Just dust yourself off and start stepping again.

The strength comes from understanding what just happen to you.

Just figure out the real problem and what next time you’ll do.

Now you say you know how to keep hysteria at bay.

You’ll just block your feelings so the pain stays away.

I admit this is one way but it comes with a price,

You’ll never have understanding of love or of life.

So walk through this life with your compassion maintained

Be there for your friends when their hysteria reigns

R.Caruso ©2002

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