NO New World Order

The “war” waged on our rights by a rogue government with the ambition of world dominance they are calling  “The New World Order”  is different than any other war in history because it is a war of minds.

This war will be will be won by peaceful strategy and peaceful civil disobedience. The weapons will be the withdrawal of financial and political support in stores, airlines and banks. It will be won by the thoughtful, not the barbaric, the humanitarian not the bottom liners.

 The barbarism of big business with Politian’s on their payrolls can and will be starved out by mounting negative public opinion, boycotts and the limitation of their financial sustenance.

Join me and withdraw from big banks that over charge you anyway and use local banks, sign petitions, support peaceful protest in any way you can. In this way we will starve out tyranny and set in motion the beginning of “The Humanitarian Age” where humanitarian support isn’t legislated, sold  or voted on but developed by the thoughtful and vigilant.

An Age where our fellow humans take care of each other by  developing  organizations that will feed, clothe and rehabilitate the homeless, provide healthcare for the sick and so doing force the insurance, health care, energy companies and the media to be fair in their practices. Then send the Politian’s back to Washington to work for us as what they are hired for “Civil Servants” not gods, Lords or something to be revered just because of the title of their occupation. If a “Civil Servant”  can’t serve the population fairly and thoughtfully we have the technology to track them and send weak, inept or corrupt either home or to jail.

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