I recently came across a post with this picture in it. The comments following were of course “he is so cute” , I just love his cute little face” and “I am kissing him in my mind ”to name a few with about 20 comments after that along those same lines. NO ONE sad anything about what this little guy was going through. Think about it, he is approximately a 25 pound animal wedged in a tree at the shoulder. Put yourself in his place what would you feel? Would it be how cute you must look or how much pain you are feeling with all of your weight supported by vise like pressure on your muscles and skin, You think he could have been afraid of falling?. I commented this on the thread and as was to be expected a guy reached deep into his bag of new aged rhetoric and pulled out the usual catch phrase said “seeing the bad is a sign of a negative self-image” or something like that.  It is sad how often a person will say what they think they are supposed to say to be seen as a loving thoughtful person when what needed to be said was the fact that the photographer was callous enough to pup this little guy in such a position as to cause him considerable pain. I am pretty sure instead of knowing he was being kissed in someone’s mind he would have preferred to be let out of the damn tree.

R.Caruso (c)

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