American Hypocracy

                                                        American Hypocrisy

Most of us can agree that when this country was created it was created with the idea of a free society where no one was under control of anyone else.  This is a very lofty idea and very doable as long as all laws were fair and created with the freedoms of the individual in mind.

There were of course the few that were extremely interested in controlling the whole thing and keeping most of it for themselves.  These of course were those who sought to use the economic system of this new country as a tool for their elitist aspirations. 

Over the years we have been able to keep these predators at bay.  Unfortunately slowly but surely they have taken hold.  They have done this by exploiting the complacency and reactive behavior of the population.  Now we’re left with a country full of unfair laws that mean to control the bulk of the population for distraction and rhetoric.  We have been sold wars, destructive laws many of which diminish the liberty and rites of the people to virtually nothing.  We now have laws that allow the gov’t and its military to incarcerate and even assassinate that some people at will.  In our current situation our citizens including children and the elderly are forced to submit to an evasive, many times humiliating search in the name of safety.

If the terrorists of this world were really our enemies and there problem with us is that they don’t like us having freedom and liberty than they have succeeded in getting it eradicated from our society.  The saddest thing is that we gave it up willingly.

R.Caruso (c)

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