Your mind starts spinning with logic and fear

You feel yourself slipping, insanity near

Conflicting emotions are now in your path

You know your irrational but how long will it last.

You try to understand this pain that you feel

Your mind tells you something but in your heart it’s not real.

You reaction is first to just stop the pain.

You get control for a moment but start slipping again.

This could last for an hour or a few days or so.

What happens when it is over for sure you don’t know.

Now you are in your right mind hysteria’s past

You understand the confusion your sanity’s back

You look around feeling embarrassed and shamed

Are your friends still your friends will they let you explain.

Will they feel the real you had finally came out

Did you lose their respect is your friendship in doubt.

Can they really understand what just happened to you?

Will they remember the time when they were there too?

Have they ever felt confusion or been riddled with pain?

Will they remember a time when they too felt insane?

Though this feeling is fleeting it can change your life

You can lose a husband or boyfriend a girlfriend or wife.

If this occurs and you lose your best friend

Just dust yourself off and start stepping again.

The strength comes from understanding what just happen to you.

Just figure out the real problem and what next time you’ll do.

Now you say you know how to keep hysteria at bay.

You’ll just block your feelings so the pain stays away.

I admit this is one way but it comes with a price,

You’ll never have understanding of love or of life.

So walk through this life with your compassion maintained

Be there for your friends when their hysteria reigns

R.Caruso ©2002


I gaze upon and eagle while standing at the door

I look again behind me not sure I want this anymore.

The eagle’s life I knew to be tranquil and so free

I look behind me once again it’s sure not that way for me.

I remember my flight with the eagle flying high above the crowd

Detached from turbulent emotions and egos screaming loud.

I watched as people attacked each other aiming for the heart.

I noticed the people that professed their love quickly torn apart.

I asked my friend the eagle why do you think they act this way.

He said they crave protection they don’t know any other way.

You see they never rise above and see the world I see.

They feel a life of beauty for them can never be.

They just need to relax their mind and follow their own heart.

For if they did this one small thing their lives would have a better start.

I listen to him intently and then asked what am I to do

Do I go back in to my path my friend or stay out here with you

He looked at me a second, thinking of what to say

Your mission of life is not about keeping things away

You’re here to live among them and help them to see the light.

To show a way to live their lives with out a constant fight

You can do your best to understand and help them find a better way

But if you choose to join them, then fighting will fill your days.

Remember the sights you’ve seen flying here with me

Take it with you now my friend and help them all to see.

Tell them of the sight you’ve seen the beauty from above

That they to can see this too they just have to rise above.

I pondered what the eagle said as I stepped back inside the door.

I think I’ll live my life from now on not fighting anymore.

I’ll try to live life gliding the way the eagle does.

To do my best to live my life balanced, with strength and with love.

I looked around with this conviction amazed at the sight

The world that looked so dark before had completely filled with light.

The sight of brightness helped me put my hard feeling down to rest.

So now my path is clear I understand my Quest.

To help people find their way to the future that they seek

To help them find a way out of pain and strength for when they’re weak.

                                                                                                       R.Caruso © 2002


Cross Roads

Cross Roads

The spirit of a man began to stray

From within the body in which he laid

It traveled the ethers and rested where

There was a sleeping woman with silken hair

He stroked her hair, she made a gentle sigh

A smile returned, among the tears she cried

He stroked her cheek, she dreamed he cared.

She snuggled close, she felt him there.

Her heart was full her love was back

She dreamed her world was bright, her life intact.

He said, my love it is up to you

The time has come. What will you do?

My love is here my body’s not.

We both learned the lessons the spirits taught.

We know our love is strong and true

Time is now love, it is up to you.

She felt the truth as he explained

It is time to stand up and make a change.

He held her close, made her heart melt

She reveled in, the love she felt.

Then with a start she felt the lack

a weak, cold hand had touched her back.

The gray world was back the spirit gone

Her lonely tears continue on.

R.Caruso (c) 2010

A Message

Its 2 am and I’m sitting here typing on these keys

As visions, words and scenarios spin inside of me.

Sleep thus far evades me as I think of what they mean

I know I’ll never sleep a wink, till I’ve told you what I’ve seen.

I see treachery and bigotry, poison food in all the stores

While people we hired to keep the peace use lies to sell us war.

Our children are used as pawns, as their lives were about to start.

They are sacrificed there needlessly leaving families torn apart.

Health care only for the wealthy, justice bought and sold by phone.

Schools teach competition, but understanding is never shown.

They teach pride in school and football plays.

But a class for tolerance is not the way

If you’re not happy take your pill today.

It is a robot you will be one day.

That’s just the way it goes.

Then the disasters came and millions died for them help would never come.

Then the economic tapestry began to come undone.

Corporate thieves and politicians pretend each other is to blame.

The society has destroyed itself like a Phoenix in its flame.

During this vision I wondered why it had to be this way.

A voice said, people won’t make a stand, they’re afraid to have their say.

They find their peace in ignorance, false images in their eyes.

They find solace in political rhetoric as their planet starts to die.

Vote for change they’d always shout,  our needs you have to meet.

The only change that’s ever made is who occupies the seats

Then the scene began to change as dust settled on the land.

A world of understanding came as new leaders took a stand.

The voice said these leaders,  are nothing like the ones you had

They have no greed or prejudice they know why things got bad.

When they saw the changes coming, they tried to warn and educate.

All they could do was share what they knew and then stand back and wait

They addressed the abuse of animals and came to their defense.

They tended the needs of the common man, and put injustices to rest.

They fed hungry people the best they could.

Collecting donations from whoever would.

When a protest was needed that is where they stood.

They did their very best.

Now they will lead this world to the place it needs to be.

A place that compassionate behavior is what people expect to see.

No more will virtue,  be seen in cold and greedy acts.

When the masses show integrity the will be no changing back.

The scene disappeared completely

but the voices went on to say

you saw a piece of the future but the work must start today.

R.Caruso (c)2008

negative thought

When it comes to negative thought or energy you have two choices

1.you can stand strong and face it with the strength of the light which always conquers the dark.

Or you can weakly hide behind you hands like a two-year old and pretend it doesn’t exist.


Our responsibility

I heard yesterday that a well-known metaphysical venue in the north Texas area has been allowing a “practitioner” they absolutely know to be corrupt (not here say) take part in their events because this “practitioner” is well-known they are afraid they will talk bad about them to others.

I know this particular venue and although I will be braving the wrath of the finger pointers and the rumor makers. (Scary thought huh)

Let me say this to them.

Your Fear is understandable rumors and cloaked character assassinations are common when you stand up for something like this. And although you can avoid this by

Saying  Karma will take care of it.


It is not your place to judge.

But the fact is when you became a venue for metaphysical/spiritual learning and healing you took on the responsibility to keep your cliental safe from cons, creeps and thieves.

Doing so is not judging,  I am not advocating that you publicly attack this person. You do not have the right to say they are good or bad that would be a clear judgment. But you do have the right to hold back your support of their practices by not  exposing your patrons to their smoke, mirrors and false rhetoric.

If you take the stand with someone and they personally or professionally attack you, just know the people that know you won’t care and the rest will get over it.

If we all take these types of positions and stand our ground with integrity the cons and shysters with fall back into the shadows without taking the reputation of the whole metaphysical field with them.

Remember the almost mainstream acceptance that metaphysical practices is slowly achieving makes it prone for this type of behavior ( even worse than it was) let’s not let this nonsense ruin its progress and push it back into the shadows.

We have a responsibility here.

Just my opinion.

Whew this is going to irritate a few people   l.m.a.o



Are You Spiritual?

One afternoon I got into a debate about what it meant to be spiritual. A guy I was reading was having a lot of trouble dealing with some of the things I had to tell him. He was an easy read even for a novice. The problem was that he really wanted what I told him to be wrong and when I wouldn’t back off my information. He quit listening.

When it was clear to me that we would not be able to have an open dialog. I told him we needed to stop the session and he should call someone else and what we had done so far was free to him.

He called me back a few minutes later saying I was unprofessional and insensitive to his needs. After a couple of minutes of this nonsense I told him of a place I felt he should go and hung up.

He sent me about five e-mails after that trying to get me to back off my intuitive assessment of his problem. I refused.

Since I am constantly engaging in self-analysis the thing that stuck with me was the crack about my not being spiritual. Was he right? What does it mean to be spiritual? He apparently thought because I wasn’t trying to make him happy that I lack spiritual understanding and compassion.

So it prompted me to take a long look at myself and what being spiritual actually means.

I took a look around at what was going on the world both in main stream religions and the metaphysical field. I saw people saying all the right terms and buzz words out of what ever book that was popular at the time. People talk about unconditional love while back stabbing their follow man. I see people promoting exhibitions were the guest of honor was supposed to be able to change a person’s life by being in there presents. Does saying bless you to someone make you spiritual? Does going to church every day of your life make you more spiritual than the person that just goes once a week? Does following a person that claims to be directly connected to spirits make you spiritual too?

I asked myself these questions. Being as objective as I know how I finally found the answer that makes the most sense to me.

Spirituality isn’t something you belong too. It isn’t something you get by association or by saying the right words at the right time. The truth is you can run around with a silly grin on your face hugging every tree and person in a fifty mile radius and still not be a spiritual person.

Spirituality is a personal quest. It is the pursuit of enlightenment. It is having the guts to go through your life facing and removing mental and emotional blocks. Doing this clears your connection to your higher power. Since you connection is clear and free of distortion, you become a person of action an inspiration to other people instead of a reactive person inspiring no one.

Plight of the people of the Amazon Rain Forest

In the time I spent in the Rain Forest with the Shipibo Shamans taught me of the wisdom and gentleness of these amazing people. Their energy was more calm and pacific than anyone I have ever met.

Even in light of threat of their home and their entire way of life they maintain their calm loving nature. Instead of trying to stop the oil companies from ravaging their land by asking the gods for the destruction or hardship for the oil companies. They merely asked the oil to go deeper. If you or I was faced with this would we do the same?

With that and the fact that the Amazon Rain Forest and river supplies 25 percent of the fresh water for the world and 25 percent of the fresh air. So we all are at risk if this keeps up.

The AWareness expo id being held on June 25th at the Spiritual Fitness Center 300 Coit rd Richardson Texas 75080.

The Event is benefiting the people of the Amazon Rain Forest we will be offering the powerful Muni-Ki rites free of charge . These powerful rites are from the Lika Indians of the Andes a shamanic sect that went into the mountains centuries ago devoted to spiritual and energetic healing practices.

I have taken these Rites myself and they have made a powerful impact on me I believe they will have an impact on you too.

It is time we help each other raise awareness in the world as we raise awareness in ourselves and our spiritual; brothers and sisters.