Cross Roads

Cross Roads

The spirit of a man began to stray

From within the body in which he laid

It traveled the ethers and rested where

There was a sleeping woman with silken hair

He stroked her hair, she made a gentle sigh

A smile returned, among the tears she cried

He stroked her cheek, she dreamed he cared.

She snuggled close, she felt him there.

Her heart was full her love was back

She dreamed her world was bright, her life intact.

He said, my love it is up to you

The time has come. What will you do?

My love is here my body’s not.

We both learned the lessons the spirits taught.

We know our love is strong and true

Time is now love, it is up to you.

She felt the truth as he explained

It is time to stand up and make a change.

He held her close, made her heart melt

She reveled in, the love she felt.

Then with a start she felt the lack

a weak, cold hand had touched her back.

The gray world was back the spirit gone

Her lonely tears continue on.

R.Caruso (c) 2010

negative thought

When it comes to negative thought or energy you have two choices can stand strong and face it with the strength of the light which always conquers the dark.

Or you can weakly hide behind you hands like a two-year old and pretend it doesn’t exist.


Our responsibility

I heard yesterday that a well-known metaphysical venue in the north Texas area has been allowing a “practitioner” they absolutely know to be corrupt (not here say) take part in their events because this “practitioner” is well-known they are afraid they will talk bad about them to others.

I know this particular venue and although I will be braving the wrath of the finger pointers and the rumor makers. (Scary thought huh)

Let me say this to them.

Your Fear is understandable rumors and cloaked character assassinations are common when you stand up for something like this. And although you can avoid this by

Saying  Karma will take care of it.


It is not your place to judge.

But the fact is when you became a venue for metaphysical/spiritual learning and healing you took on the responsibility to keep your cliental safe from cons, creeps and thieves.

Doing so is not judging,  I am not advocating that you publicly attack this person. You do not have the right to say they are good or bad that would be a clear judgment. But you do have the right to hold back your support of their practices by not  exposing your patrons to their smoke, mirrors and false rhetoric.

If you take the stand with someone and they personally or professionally attack you, just know the people that know you won’t care and the rest will get over it.

If we all take these types of positions and stand our ground with integrity the cons and shysters with fall back into the shadows without taking the reputation of the whole metaphysical field with them.

Remember the almost mainstream acceptance that metaphysical practices is slowly achieving makes it prone for this type of behavior ( even worse than it was) let’s not let this nonsense ruin its progress and push it back into the shadows.

We have a responsibility here.

Just my opinion.

Whew this is going to irritate a few people   l.m.a.o



A Day in the Life

Hello Mrs. Smith, how are you today

I am sorry to hear your life long love

has recently passed away.

I know you loved him dearly

I know he loved you too.

You have trouble thinking clearly

You are left wondering what to do


You feel him close to you at night.

But his absence gives you pain.

You see his form just out of sight

And you think you’ll go insane


I settle back into my chair deep breathing

is my way

Of tuning into Mr. Smith maybe

There’s something he needs to say.


I see a man Mrs. Smith  tall, lean and a little gray

he has a crooked smile ms Smith

but he is missing his right leg.

He lost his leg the day he died she said

as her voice began to fade

Then tears trickled down her grief worn face

“Oh my god that must be Wade”.


Mr. Smith says he loves you,

he is sorry he had to leave.

He has stayed with you after he had passed

to help you while you grieve.


His vibration started to envelop me there

was a lot more he had to say.

So I settled back into my chair and

let him have his way.


Tell little Wade I love him and

that his daddy is ok.

Tell him I‘ll see him in his dreams

and in his heart I’ll always stay.


Tell him that I will be there

If  he needs me anytime.

I’ll miss holding him when

he gets scared.

But I will hold him in his mind.


You both made my life worth living

Those memories I will keep.

Like the night you kissed my shoulder

when you thought I was asleep.


I’ll miss holding you against me and

the sweet smell of your dark hair.

Your soft warm body felt so good to me

I thanked god that you were there.


Don’t be afraid to love again

It’s no disrespect to me.

No matter what you do my love

our love will always be.


I wish for you the best of life

That has always been my way.

When you love another, I

will be happy too that day.


Tina, please know I love you

I haven’t gone away.

Your are in my heart and soul my love

We will be together again one day.


I felt a shutter consume me as

Mr. Smith went on his way.

Mrs. Smith just sat and stared at me

Not knowing what to say.


Through tear filled eyes she forced a smile

She said “I have just one thing to say”

The things Wade said

you couldn’t have known

was what I needed to hear today.


I watch Mrs. Smith as she left the room

lighter than when she came.

Full of hopes for a bright tomorrow

as her life gets rearranged.


I felt sadness for Mrs. Smith

But I said all I could say.

So with a cleansing breath released it

I had four more to go that day.

R.Caruso © 2008