Child Race


                                                  The Child Race

The human race seems to be a child race. Instead of looking for ways to be free and self-reliant, a devastating majority of the population seems to be looking for a replacement for mommy, daddy and big brother or sister. They are caught in the belief that without someone else holding the future of their life in their hands they will perish or be over taken by evil. They lack the guts to face life and its trials based solely on their own beliefs. They believe the lie that tells them if they acquire things and the “illusion” of power than they are self-reliant. While in reality the power they have can be snatch from them by the sociopaths they have put in control.

The government can take your wealth, your property, your freedom and even your life with the stroke of a pen. We have to pay for money they borrow not only without our consent but even without our knowledge. We have to pay them to own a house, land or just to park or drive a car. They level laws on us that cost us huge amounts of money and we have for the most part no clue it is happening. They tell us what we can put in our bodies, who we can marry; they try to legislate our beliefs and behavior. Much of the time they use their own religion as a basis for these ridicules laws. How can you make a law based on religion, when religion by definition is actually only theory that is different from one person to another? When religion doesn’t work as a reason for a law then they resort to fear tactics and subliminal information. Why is this so out of control? 

We seem to be a population that craves rules and rulers. We have a ridicules situation of having to have so many levels of rulers and “authorities” It doesn’t seem enough to have an out of control federal government but we also have state, county, city rulers. Some folks are force to pay to have someone tell them how the can live in their own home, in the form of H.O.A’s. When are we going to grow up enough as a race that we don’t need this kind of nonsense? When are we going to stop searching for someone to worship or a daddy , mommy or big brother to protect us and tell us what is right. We live in a society that allows and even promotes the idea of someone controlling us and then complain we are controlled.

I hear so many republican politicians say they are for freedoms but seek to limit the freedom everyone else can have. Republicans aren’t alone, Democrats also try to pass bills forcing someone to do things they don’t believe in based on the needs of someone else.   These self-proclaimed demigods tempt young men and women with the title of “hero” “fighting to protect our freedom” but they are made to destroy people that cannot and do not pose any threat to our freedom at all. How can we believe that these are moral, family oriented people with a love for life and peace when they order the murder of innocent men women and children all over the world for no verifiable reason? Ask yourself if the politicians or their family members were to have to fight these baseless wars themselves would there ever be a war at all.  This out of control hypocrisy would be funny if it wasn’t so devastating to the lives of so many people.

When will we devise a rule of law that is based on protecting liberty and the rights of all individuals instead of being the inept race of hypnotized cowards that we have become?



American Hypocracy

                                                        American Hypocrisy

Most of us can agree that when this country was created it was created with the idea of a free society where no one was under control of anyone else.  This is a very lofty idea and very doable as long as all laws were fair and created with the freedoms of the individual in mind.

There were of course the few that were extremely interested in controlling the whole thing and keeping most of it for themselves.  These of course were those who sought to use the economic system of this new country as a tool for their elitist aspirations. 

Over the years we have been able to keep these predators at bay.  Unfortunately slowly but surely they have taken hold.  They have done this by exploiting the complacency and reactive behavior of the population.  Now we’re left with a country full of unfair laws that mean to control the bulk of the population for distraction and rhetoric.  We have been sold wars, destructive laws many of which diminish the liberty and rites of the people to virtually nothing.  We now have laws that allow the gov’t and its military to incarcerate and even assassinate that some people at will.  In our current situation our citizens including children and the elderly are forced to submit to an evasive, many times humiliating search in the name of safety.

If the terrorists of this world were really our enemies and there problem with us is that they don’t like us having freedom and liberty than they have succeeded in getting it eradicated from our society.  The saddest thing is that we gave it up willingly.

R.Caruso (c)


I have always hated the idea of giving or receiving certifications. So much so I have turned down several opportunities in the past to attain one.


In the past few years the metaphysical field has become a lot more accepted by the masses. It has become almost a fad to be a reader or a healer. The problem is that being a reader is more involved than just popping a box of cards or a pendulum and talking (that is fine for a dinner party or to freak out your friends) I have been seeing a horrible rise in people, relationships and careers that have been hurt not by malicious intent but by inexperience.

So I am offering a certification to everyone who passes my Psychic Development A-Z class. The certification will show that I have put my endorsement as a Professional Psychic of over 25 years behind that personas ability ( for everyone who has already passed it just call me at 469-546-8017 to receive yours.


Prejudice Ultimate Evil

The over whelming majority of all people around the country regardless of race would never kill or even seriously injure another person regardless of their race.. Also the majority of the country isn’t even racist for the most part. So why it is that a murder like the Trayvon case has everyone freaking about racial conflict in the US. The Trayvon case was a tragedy. It was a tragedy that happens every day to all races of people. No matter what the racial status of the perpetrators is, No matter what race the victim is, it is ALWAYS a tragedy.  If we had a media that reported the real news instead of pumping up hype to get ratings things wouldn’t be getting a racial slant at this point.  We have a sick “might makes right” mentality in this country that is perpetuated not only by our useless media but by our “might makes right” mentality of our government. Maybe instead of finding where we stand on this we should find where we can come together and stop the cowardly, barbaric mentality that is actually destroying us.

We are at a place in our society and the world where we find ourselves unable to trust our government or our media so we have to think and trust ourselves. Welcome to the real New World Order

The real enemy is Prejudice of any kind whether it is sexism , racism, our class system (yes we have one) and our propensity to play behavioral follow the leader instead of thinking thing through ourselves.

To Be Fair

Mitt Romney is definitely a liar no doubt but where is the transparency of the government that Obama promised? I personally am not republican or Democrat and further I believe that there shouldn’t be a party system we should be voting (providing that our vote will count) on the man and his record or believability. A group regardless of who they are can never be totally trusted to do the right thing, because they are able to hide behind their collective rhetoric.

NO New World Order

The “war” waged on our rights by a rogue government with the ambition of world dominance they are calling  “The New World Order”  is different than any other war in history because it is a war of minds.

This war will be will be won by peaceful strategy and peaceful civil disobedience. The weapons will be the withdrawal of financial and political support in stores, airlines and banks. It will be won by the thoughtful, not the barbaric, the humanitarian not the bottom liners.

 The barbarism of big business with Politian’s on their payrolls can and will be starved out by mounting negative public opinion, boycotts and the limitation of their financial sustenance.

Join me and withdraw from big banks that over charge you anyway and use local banks, sign petitions, support peaceful protest in any way you can. In this way we will starve out tyranny and set in motion the beginning of “The Humanitarian Age” where humanitarian support isn’t legislated, sold  or voted on but developed by the thoughtful and vigilant.

An Age where our fellow humans take care of each other by  developing  organizations that will feed, clothe and rehabilitate the homeless, provide healthcare for the sick and so doing force the insurance, health care, energy companies and the media to be fair in their practices. Then send the Politian’s back to Washington to work for us as what they are hired for “Civil Servants” not gods, Lords or something to be revered just because of the title of their occupation. If a “Civil Servant”  can’t serve the population fairly and thoughtfully we have the technology to track them and send weak, inept or corrupt either home or to jail.

The Rabbit hole is actively working on developing a nonprofit program to help the growing homeless problem. In order to fund the programs development we are starting Discount Sunday. On discount Sunday you can get a psychic reading from Renee or myself for 20 percent off the regular price. You also get 20 percent off anything in the store. All proceeds will be going to the development of this program tentatively called “Pathways” for more information call 469-546-8017


It never ceases to amaze me when a person gets emotional while meeting another human being. I am not talking about when a baby is born to the family I tear up a bit there too. I am talking about when they meet someone and lose their composure merely because of the title or status they hold in the world.

We are all human beings no one better than anyone. Just because someone holds a high-ranking job or is born to a particular family why does that illicit extreme emotions or at the very least performance tears.

We are supposedly a country of people equal to each other yet many people insist on putting others on a pedestal.

I just had the unpleasant experience of seeing a news video of a bunch or folks coming unglued over meeting Michelle Obama. I admit she is a great looking woman of obvious intelligence and poise, but she is only a woman. I believe she wrote some minor selling book but mostly her claim to fame is that she sleeps with the president.

So where is all this emotion coming from. Why do these people believe that simply by virtue of her marital connections Obama or anyone else should to be revered?

It isn’t until this type of belief and behavior ceases will people actually live in peace and equality.

More Wars? Seiously?

If you think our government’s foreign affairs are being handled right. try this experiment pick out someone that doesn’t like you ( it is easier than you think) than realize if they were to go nuts or are nuts and can come after you and hurt or even kill your family how would you handle it? If you do what our government does you would go to their house, tell them they have to give up their guns. Baseball bats,  or any sharp objects that can potentially hurt you. You of course will have all of those things yourself and if he doesn’t, you kill his or her family.

How would you be treated? You would be pitched down into the bottomless put that our prison system has become and never have a decent life again. Can you/ Do you still agree with what we are doing in Iran or around the world?

R.Caruso ©2012