Prejudice Ultimate Evil

The over whelming majority of all people around the country regardless of race would never kill or even seriously injure another person regardless of their race.. Also the majority of the country isn’t even racist for the most part. So why it is that a murder like the Trayvon case has everyone freaking about racial conflict in the US. The Trayvon case was a tragedy. It was a tragedy that happens every day to all races of people. No matter what the racial status of the perpetrators is, No matter what race the victim is, it is ALWAYS a tragedy.  If we had a media that reported the real news instead of pumping up hype to get ratings things wouldn’t be getting a racial slant at this point.  We have a sick “might makes right” mentality in this country that is perpetuated not only by our useless media but by our “might makes right” mentality of our government. Maybe instead of finding where we stand on this we should find where we can come together and stop the cowardly, barbaric mentality that is actually destroying us.

We are at a place in our society and the world where we find ourselves unable to trust our government or our media so we have to think and trust ourselves. Welcome to the real New World Order

The real enemy is Prejudice of any kind whether it is sexism , racism, our class system (yes we have one) and our propensity to play behavioral follow the leader instead of thinking thing through ourselves.

Welcome to the Machine


It shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that we have people in this country that will fight animals to the death for money.  The only difference between them and our govt is that our government uses our kids instead of dogs.  not for money but for oil and control.  The amazing thing is that they’re able to get the American people to agree to it.  The dog has no choice. I personally support the troops were and disgusted in the way their lives sacrifices are being wasted by this heartless greedy militarized monster.  That we call home. 😦

R.Caruso (c) 2012

The Final Act.

On a mountain precipice an old man stood

thinking about his life

He took a pen and paper out and

quickly began to write

He wrote I faced my inner demons; I stood

strong through every test.

It has been a long hard road to get

here ; I have done my very best

To my kids I love you deeply, beyond this life that love will stand

You birth gave me life, your life

gave me strength to be a stronger man

You were taught to stand strong

against adversity; though it’s hard to tell just when.

Are you standing strong on stubborn

ground? Or should you step back and start again

I watched you face your challenges my

hopes and prayers with you

I listen through your painful nights

wishing there was more that I could do.

The years went by so quickly not

enough time to keep you close

Of all the things I’ll miss in this

life I’ll miss you both the most.

To friends and lovers that’s come and

gone I hope that you can see.

No matter what happened I did my best

, I was the all I knew to be.

To god please send this letter to the ones I love; something I know that you will do.

People I met who cried for help, I

gave a message to them from you.

He wrote “my health is failing, won’t be useless in this life.

So he tossed his letter to the

Universe and stepped into the light.

R.Caruso © 2011

Just a Thought

Just a Thought

We are bombarded with so much information every day especially

Through the media that many of us relinquish our power to the aggressive and just go the way of the hypnotized masses

We have forgotten it is possible to love and support the people in the military  but loath and stand up against war.

It is possible to be proud of your country but have disdain for the antics of its government.

Controlling how much others affect YOUR life doesn’t make you a control freak

That there is a difference between having boundaries and having walls

You can face negativity without perpetuating it.

Peace by negotiating to mutual satisfaction is REAL Peace

Peace through aggression or war is merely dominance

Forced respect is an illusion.

You can fight without aggression.

You can love without submission.

See fear as a challenge to be conquered Instead of an excuse to submit.

If you defer without participation to someone else to solve a problem that affects you, then you are part of that problem.

Remember that the Universe has the information but the truth is in you.




A Day in the Life

Hello Mrs. Smith, how are you today

I am sorry to hear your life long love

has recently passed away.

I know you loved him dearly

I know he loved you too.

You have trouble thinking clearly

You are left wondering what to do


You feel him close to you at night.

But his absence gives you pain.

You see his form just out of sight

And you think you’ll go insane


I settle back into my chair deep breathing

is my way

Of tuning into Mr. Smith maybe

There’s something he needs to say.


I see a man Mrs. Smith  tall, lean and a little gray

he has a crooked smile ms Smith

but he is missing his right leg.

He lost his leg the day he died she said

as her voice began to fade

Then tears trickled down her grief worn face

“Oh my god that must be Wade”.


Mr. Smith says he loves you,

he is sorry he had to leave.

He has stayed with you after he had passed

to help you while you grieve.


His vibration started to envelop me there

was a lot more he had to say.

So I settled back into my chair and

let him have his way.


Tell little Wade I love him and

that his daddy is ok.

Tell him I‘ll see him in his dreams

and in his heart I’ll always stay.


Tell him that I will be there

If  he needs me anytime.

I’ll miss holding him when

he gets scared.

But I will hold him in his mind.


You both made my life worth living

Those memories I will keep.

Like the night you kissed my shoulder

when you thought I was asleep.


I’ll miss holding you against me and

the sweet smell of your dark hair.

Your soft warm body felt so good to me

I thanked god that you were there.


Don’t be afraid to love again

It’s no disrespect to me.

No matter what you do my love

our love will always be.


I wish for you the best of life

That has always been my way.

When you love another, I

will be happy too that day.


Tina, please know I love you

I haven’t gone away.

Your are in my heart and soul my love

We will be together again one day.


I felt a shutter consume me as

Mr. Smith went on his way.

Mrs. Smith just sat and stared at me

Not knowing what to say.


Through tear filled eyes she forced a smile

She said “I have just one thing to say”

The things Wade said

you couldn’t have known

was what I needed to hear today.


I watch Mrs. Smith as she left the room

lighter than when she came.

Full of hopes for a bright tomorrow

as her life gets rearranged.


I felt sadness for Mrs. Smith

But I said all I could say.

So with a cleansing breath released it

I had four more to go that day.

R.Caruso © 2008