I have always hated the idea of giving or receiving certifications. So much so I have turned down several opportunities in the past to attain one.


In the past few years the metaphysical field has become a lot more accepted by the masses. It has become almost a fad to be a reader or a healer. The problem is that being a reader is more involved than just popping a box of cards or a pendulum and talking (that is fine for a dinner party or to freak out your friends) I have been seeing a horrible rise in people, relationships and careers that have been hurt not by malicious intent but by inexperience.

So I am offering a certification to everyone who passes my Psychic Development A-Z class. The certification will show that I have put my endorsement as a Professional Psychic of over 25 years behind that personas ability ( for everyone who has already passed it just call me at 469-546-8017 to receive yours.