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It shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that we have people in this country that will fight animals to the death for money.  The only difference between them and our govt is that our government uses our kids instead of dogs.  not for money but for oil and control.  The amazing thing is that they’re able to get the American people to agree to it.  The dog has no choice. I personally support the troops were and disgusted in the way their lives sacrifices are being wasted by this heartless greedy militarized monster.  That we call home. 😦

R.Caruso (c) 2012

Plight of the people of the Amazon Rain Forest

In the time I spent in the Rain Forest with the Shipibo Shamans taught me of the wisdom and gentleness of these amazing people. Their energy was more calm and pacific than anyone I have ever met.

Even in light of threat of their home and their entire way of life they maintain their calm loving nature. Instead of trying to stop the oil companies from ravaging their land by asking the gods for the destruction or hardship for the oil companies. They merely asked the oil to go deeper. If you or I was faced with this would we do the same?

With that and the fact that the Amazon Rain Forest and river supplies 25 percent of the fresh water for the world and 25 percent of the fresh air. So we all are at risk if this keeps up.

The AWareness expo id being held on June 25th at the Spiritual Fitness Center 300 Coit rd Richardson Texas 75080.

The Event is benefiting the people of the Amazon Rain Forest we will be offering the powerful Muni-Ki rites free of charge . These powerful rites are from the Lika Indians of the Andes a shamanic sect that went into the mountains centuries ago devoted to spiritual and energetic healing practices.

I have taken these Rites myself and they have made a powerful impact on me I believe they will have an impact on you too.

It is time we help each other raise awareness in the world as we raise awareness in ourselves and our spiritual; brothers and sisters.