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It shouldn’t be shocking to anyone that we have people in this country that will fight animals to the death for money.  The only difference between them and our govt is that our government uses our kids instead of dogs.  not for money but for oil and control.  The amazing thing is that they’re able to get the American people to agree to it.  The dog has no choice. I personally support the troops were and disgusted in the way their lives sacrifices are being wasted by this heartless greedy militarized monster.  That we call home. 😦

R.Caruso (c) 2012

The Final Act.

On a mountain precipice an old man stood

thinking about his life

He took a pen and paper out and

quickly began to write

He wrote I faced my inner demons; I stood

strong through every test.

It has been a long hard road to get

here ; I have done my very best

To my kids I love you deeply, beyond this life that love will stand

You birth gave me life, your life

gave me strength to be a stronger man

You were taught to stand strong

against adversity; though it’s hard to tell just when.

Are you standing strong on stubborn

ground? Or should you step back and start again

I watched you face your challenges my

hopes and prayers with you

I listen through your painful nights

wishing there was more that I could do.

The years went by so quickly not

enough time to keep you close

Of all the things I’ll miss in this

life I’ll miss you both the most.

To friends and lovers that’s come and

gone I hope that you can see.

No matter what happened I did my best

, I was the all I knew to be.

To god please send this letter to the ones I love; something I know that you will do.

People I met who cried for help, I

gave a message to them from you.

He wrote “my health is failing, won’t be useless in this life.

So he tossed his letter to the

Universe and stepped into the light.

R.Caruso © 2011

negative thought

When it comes to negative thought or energy you have two choices

1.you can stand strong and face it with the strength of the light which always conquers the dark.

Or you can weakly hide behind you hands like a two-year old and pretend it doesn’t exist.


Our responsibility

I heard yesterday that a well-known metaphysical venue in the north Texas area has been allowing a “practitioner” they absolutely know to be corrupt (not here say) take part in their events because this “practitioner” is well-known they are afraid they will talk bad about them to others.

I know this particular venue and although I will be braving the wrath of the finger pointers and the rumor makers. (Scary thought huh)

Let me say this to them.

Your Fear is understandable rumors and cloaked character assassinations are common when you stand up for something like this. And although you can avoid this by

Saying  Karma will take care of it.


It is not your place to judge.

But the fact is when you became a venue for metaphysical/spiritual learning and healing you took on the responsibility to keep your cliental safe from cons, creeps and thieves.

Doing so is not judging,  I am not advocating that you publicly attack this person. You do not have the right to say they are good or bad that would be a clear judgment. But you do have the right to hold back your support of their practices by not  exposing your patrons to their smoke, mirrors and false rhetoric.

If you take the stand with someone and they personally or professionally attack you, just know the people that know you won’t care and the rest will get over it.

If we all take these types of positions and stand our ground with integrity the cons and shysters with fall back into the shadows without taking the reputation of the whole metaphysical field with them.

Remember the almost mainstream acceptance that metaphysical practices is slowly achieving makes it prone for this type of behavior ( even worse than it was) let’s not let this nonsense ruin its progress and push it back into the shadows.

We have a responsibility here.

Just my opinion.

Whew this is going to irritate a few people   l.m.a.o



The Minister and The Prophet

The word came down from the spirit realm

It said an Angel fell.

The message spread with amazing haste over every hill  and dale.

A prophet was told this would occur but ignored everything it said.

Not insensitive to the angels plight, but preoccupied with death.

In hearing that the angel was captured where she fell.

The prophet rushed to where she laid prepared to face down hell.

As he steps through the sage that enveloped him he soon was face to face.

There stood an egocentric minister invading the Angels space.

They soon locked eyes as the minister said prophet you will lose.

I have made this angel mine just now and she is here for me to use.

The profit felt a stabbing pain in the center of his heart

How could I have let this happen, I could have avoided this at the start.

I could have stopped this all from happening if I had listened long before.

When spirit said pay attention you’re not listening anymore.

Racked with pain the prophet looked at the minister seeing all that he could see.

Minister, the angel can never be yours I am taking her with me.

There was a Bible on which the minister stood and with one he hid his face.

This was a disguise he had always used to feign a life of grace.

The prophet noticed the Angels glare that she was in a hypnotic trance

Based on being told that since she fell from grace she will never have a chance.

She must live in the minister’s presence or back to heaven she won’t go.

She screamed dear prophet I’m no good I must reap what I have sewn.

The prophet looked up to the spirit realm said “what do I do now?”

Do I rescue her against her will?  If I am just tell me how.

Suddenly a light shined through the clouds that hung above the   land.

It streamed bright and strong to the prophets heart transforming this mortal man.

Battle scars were quickly healed and confidence filled his being.

Spiritual power streamed from him that the minister had never seen.

It knocked minister to his knees he used the Angel for a shield.

The Bibles were just shopping lists now scattered across the field.

The light enveloped the Angel and her mind began to clear

She saw the fear on the minister’s face feeling sorry for his tears.

The minister began to scream in pain as the light beam burned his skin.

He then ran into the darkness and was never seen again

The prophet took the Angel in his arms and brushed back her sweat soaked hair.

He looked up to the spirits with a smile and thanked them for being there.

The prophet held the Angel to his chest caressing her warm soft cheek

I am sorry love for not being there when you started feeling weak.

I promise never to leave your side you can count on it as truth

She tearfully looked into his eyes said “But I feel I’m of no use”

The prophet brushed back her long dark hair and caressed her pretty face

You’re an angel love and that’s the truth but this worlds a scary place.

Although you are a child of god you still feel the people’s tears, sometimes things can be too much and force you into fear.

Just learn from your experience and teach it far and wide

Tell the people that they are still ok and god is on their side.

The prophet helped her to her feet and held her body close

She felt his heart beat in his chest; he said there is something you should know.

Though I tell people of their future and help them let go of things that’s past.

At the end of the day when I am done I am still a mortal man.

When you fell it changed my life and I will never be the same

My love for you consumed me and my priorities rearranged.

My toughness remains within me love ,though my angers completely gone.

My prophetic abilities are enhanced my love my empathy twice as strong.

I ask you to walk this path with me and help the people of the world.

Forever you are my Angel love my partner and my girl.

The Angel smiled a radiant smile held his hands against her cheek.

She said I have always loved you, even when I was feeling weak.

He listened to her words and gave a happy grin then they walked their path into the sunset where their life can now begin.

                                                                                               R.Caruso © 2010

Are You Spiritual?

One afternoon I got into a debate about what it meant to be spiritual. A guy I was reading was having a lot of trouble dealing with some of the things I had to tell him. He was an easy read even for a novice. The problem was that he really wanted what I told him to be wrong and when I wouldn’t back off my information. He quit listening.

When it was clear to me that we would not be able to have an open dialog. I told him we needed to stop the session and he should call someone else and what we had done so far was free to him.

He called me back a few minutes later saying I was unprofessional and insensitive to his needs. After a couple of minutes of this nonsense I told him of a place I felt he should go and hung up.

He sent me about five e-mails after that trying to get me to back off my intuitive assessment of his problem. I refused.

Since I am constantly engaging in self-analysis the thing that stuck with me was the crack about my not being spiritual. Was he right? What does it mean to be spiritual? He apparently thought because I wasn’t trying to make him happy that I lack spiritual understanding and compassion.

So it prompted me to take a long look at myself and what being spiritual actually means.

I took a look around at what was going on the world both in main stream religions and the metaphysical field. I saw people saying all the right terms and buzz words out of what ever book that was popular at the time. People talk about unconditional love while back stabbing their follow man. I see people promoting exhibitions were the guest of honor was supposed to be able to change a person’s life by being in there presents. Does saying bless you to someone make you spiritual? Does going to church every day of your life make you more spiritual than the person that just goes once a week? Does following a person that claims to be directly connected to spirits make you spiritual too?

I asked myself these questions. Being as objective as I know how I finally found the answer that makes the most sense to me.

Spirituality isn’t something you belong too. It isn’t something you get by association or by saying the right words at the right time. The truth is you can run around with a silly grin on your face hugging every tree and person in a fifty mile radius and still not be a spiritual person.

Spirituality is a personal quest. It is the pursuit of enlightenment. It is having the guts to go through your life facing and removing mental and emotional blocks. Doing this clears your connection to your higher power. Since you connection is clear and free of distortion, you become a person of action an inspiration to other people instead of a reactive person inspiring no one.